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Date: 2006-06-30

3 ¼ C (+) Flour
1.5 C (+) butter, softened
¾ C (+) Confectioners sugar

3 ¼ C (+) Sugar
1 T (+) Confectioners sugar
½ C (-) Flour
1 t (-) Salt
Juice and rind of Four Lemons (add bottled lemon juice to mixture as a supplement until no longer sloshy)
About 7.5432 eggs.

Mix crust ingredients, press into a jellyroll pan, and bake crust @ 350 degrees until just beginning to turn golden.

Prepare filling by mixing dry ingredients, wet ingredients, and combining.

Hold baked base in oven as another person pours the Lemon/Sugar/Egg miniature into pan, and slide gently into oven,; be careful not to spill! Bake @ 350 degrees until the pan can be turned around inside oven without spilling. After turning, cook until just firm. Maybe 30 minutes total, maybe not! 2003, Josh Mandel