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Banana Bread
Moist, chocolatey, cake-like banana bread
Banana Bread (Refined)
It's more complex and better for you with whole wheat flour, less sugar, 50% olive oil, and optional carrots
Black Forest Fudge
Black, foresty, fudgy.
Chocolate cake
Cooks' Multigrain Pancakes
"Multigrain pancakes worth eating"
Cornmeal Pancakes
From "The Joy..."
The genuine French article
Kubideh with the meat of your choice
Over-Size Chocolate Chip Cookies
Thick and chewy over-size chocolate chip cookies from Cook's Illustrated
Shanghainese Wontons
let's have some savories already
Smothered Chicken + Barley
baked chicken, lots of spices.
Suchele-Inspired Lemon Squares
Inspired by the famous lemon squares of Suchele's bakery in Lenox, Mass.

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Then the bowsprit got mixed with the rudder sometimes,
A thing, as the Bellman remarked,
That frequently happens in tropical climes,
When a vessel is, so to speak, 'snarked.'
(Lewis Carroll, The Hunting of the Snark) 2003, Josh Mandel